Joël van Noort wins German Open 2007

Announced by Ron van Bruchem on

Joël van Noort won the German Open 2007 with an average in the final of 13.62 seconds. Edouard Chambon finished second (13.69) and Milán Baticz finished third (14.29).
World records: Mátyás Kuti Square-1 25.82 (average), Maté Horvath Master Magic 1.94 (single), 2.15 (average).
European records: Ron van Bruchem 5x5 1:54.12 (average), Gilles van den Peereboom 3x3 one-handed 24.60 (average), Milán Baticz 3x3 one-handed 19.90 (single).