Harris Chan wins Niagara Open Summer 2008

Announced by Bob Burton on

Harris Chan won the Niagara Open Summer 2008 with an average of 11.79 seconds. Eric Limeback finished second (14.00) and Jason Thong finished third (14.21).
North American records: Harris Chan Rubik's Cube 11.50 (average), Sam Boyles 2x2 Cube 3.81 (average), Rowe Hessler Rubik's Cube blindfolded 59.66, Jack Moseley Rubik's Cube with feet 1:54.75 (single) 2:13.60 (average).
African records: Emile Compion 5x5 Cube 1:59.69 (single) 2:07.47 (average), 2x2 Cube 4.28 (single) 6.24 (average), Rubik's Cube one-handed 24.83 (single) 28.58 (average), Square-1 28.25 (single) 39.11 (average).