Feliks Zemdegs wins TCG & Friends 2015

Announced by Natán Riggenbach on

Feliks Zemdegs won the TCG & Friends 2015 with an average of 7.82 seconds. Mats Valk finished second (8.65) and Antoine Cantin finished third (8.70).

World records: Feliks Zemdegs 5x5 Cube 51.93 (average), 6x6 Cube 1:47.60 (average).

Oceanian records: Feliks Zemdegs 6x6 Cube 1:39.40 (single), 7x7 Cube 2:36.87 (single), 7x7 Cube 2:45.45 (average).

South American records: Gianfranco Huanqui 3x3 blindfolded 24.90 (single), 3x3 blindfolded 28.12 (average), 4x4 blindfolded 3:40.09 (single), 5x5 blindfolded 17:56.00 (single), 3x3 multi blind 21/23 55:23 (single), Jhon Alexander Taboada Temple Skewb 3.77 (average), Pedro Alejandro Condo Tellez 6x6 Cube 2:00.81 (single), 6x6 Cube 2:10.55 (average).