Dan Cohen wins UPenn Spring competition 2009

Announced by Bob Burton on

Dan Cohen won the UPenn Spring competition 2009 with an average of 13.45 seconds. Patrick Jameson finished second (14.47) and John-Michael Clay finished third (15.01).
World records: Dan Cohen 5x5 1:16.75 (average).
North American records: Dan Cohen 4x4 42.81 (single) 52.52 (average), 5x5 1:13.96 (single), Square-1 14.59 (single) 18.18 (average), David Woner Clock 8.87 (average).
Australian records: Dene Beardsley 3x3 15.16 (average), Square-1 18.86 (single) 24.75 (average).