Breandan Vallance wins French Open 2009

Announced by Ron van Bruchem on

Breandan Vallance won the French Open 2009 with an average of 12.06 seconds. Jimmy Coll finished second (13.48) and Mats Valk finished third (13.67).
South American records: Gabriel Eduardo Núñez Serna 4x4 1:00.83 (single), 5x5 2:09.78 (single) 2:12.82 (average), Clock 30.19 (average), 6x6 4:22.28 (single) 4:38.19 (average), 7x7 6:48.25 (single) 7:25.69 (average).
Australian records: Jonathan Adlam 3x3 Fewest Moves 42.