Breandan Vallance wins Canadian Open 2011

Announced by Lars Vandenbergh on

Breandan Vallance won the Canadian Open 2011 with an average of 10.04 seconds. Harris Chan finished second (10.40) and Eric Limeback finished third (11.49).

African records: Emile Compion Pyraminx 8.11 (single), Square-1 19.83 (single), 6x6 Cube 3:21.71 (single) 3:55.41 (average).

North American records: Emily Wang Megaminx 56.31 (single) 1:00.01 (average), 7x7 Cube 3:39.57 (average), Kevin Hays 5x5 Cube 1:03.19 (single) 1:10.09 (average).