Asian Championship 2018/European Championship 2018 Announcement

Announced by Linus Frész on

Dear community,

We are happy and proud to inform you that:
European Championship 2018 will be held in Madrid, Spain in July 2018.
Asian Championship 2018 will be held in Taipei, Taiwan in July/August 2018.

Bratislava and Madrid had applied for Euro 2018. Both teams delivered a plan which included details about the city, the venue, the dates, the organisation team and the budget. After that the selection team had chats with the teams, to get a clearer picture of the applications. Additional details were sent in by both teams in the month of September. After collecting all the information a voting was done in the selection team. Madrid won with 3 votes, Bratislava had 2 votes.
The Bratislava team was praised for having the best worked out application ever, with all details on a very high quality level. Still the innovative concept of the Madrid team won the votes of three selection team members.

The applications of Madrid and Bratislava can be found here:
Madrid 2018 website:
Bratislava 2018 pdf document (budget part removed):

Taiwan was the only country that applied for Asia 2018, therefore the main goal of the selection team was to make sure that the Taiwan team could work towards a successful Asian Championship 2018. The initial plan of Taiwan did not have the required depth, therefore the Taiwan team had two weeks extra to come with further details. In this period the team was able to deliver the required details and to secure support of delegates from neighboring countries. The selection team now believes that Taiwan is ready to organise Asia 2018 successfully.

The application of Taiwan can be found here:
Taiwan 2018 pdf document (budget part removed):

We thank all the applying teams for the time and energy they put into the applications. It is good if WCA can choose between different applications, although of course it is a bit sad to say no to the teams that were not chosen, despite their hard work.

We are looking forward to two great continental championships in July/August 2018!

Cubic regards,
Olivér Perge (on behalf of selection team Asia 2018)
Ron van Bruchem (on behalf of selection team Euro 2018)