An Announcement about Asian/European Championships 2018!

Announced by Lauren Clement on

Application submissions are now closed for Asian/European Championships 2018. Thank you to all who submitted their offers! The cities listed were submitted and will be chosen by the board of directors and other team leaders involved with the competitions.

Asian Championships (Olivér Perge - selection process leader):
Taipei or Kaohsiung, Taiwan

European Championships (Ron van Bruchem - selection process leader):
Bratislava, Slovakia
Madrid, Spain

For Asia 2018 the board of directors will come to a selection and for Euro 2018 the selection team will be board members Ron van Bruchem (process leader), Pedro Santos Guimarães, Chris Hardwick, senior delegate Radu Faciu and WDC member Lorenzo Vigani Poli. Olivér Perge and Luis J. Iáñez cannot be part of the selection team, because they are involved in both applications.

The selection process will consist of individual evaluations of the applications, interviews with the applicants and final voting in the selection teams. Publication of the candidacy documents will be made public after the decisions are finalized. Our goal is to come to an agreement with the winning applicants so that there is enough confidence that the competitions will be successful.
We will make the final announcement of the competition locations by the end of September, so stay tuned for the decisions!

(Announcement made on behalf of the WCA Board of Directors)