Alexander Lau wins Guildford Open 2013

Announced by Sébastien Auroux on

Alexander Lau won the Guildford Open 2013 with an average of 8.25 seconds. Howard Wong Jun Yen (黄俊仁) finished second (9.48) and Breandan Vallance finished third (10.21).

World records: Sameer Mahmood 2x2 Cube 1.96 (average).

African records: Conor Cronin Pyraminx 8.35 (average), Rubik's Clock 11.64 (single), Rubik's Clock 12.29 (average), 7x7 Cube 5:36.97 (single), 7x7 Cube 5:56.80 (average), 3x3 multi blind 5/7 41:37 (single).

European records: Breandan Vallance 5x5 Cube 1:05.73 (average).

South American records: Daniel Cano Salgado 5x5 Cube 1:15.72 (single).