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Incident: A competitor did several attempts with an illegal puzzle without taking the extra solves

Status: Resolved

11e2 3d2 3k2a


Incident description and resolution:

A competitor competed with a cube which had one of the stickers on the red face had a clearly distinguishably shade from the others. This violates Regulation 3d2):

3d2) The colors of the colored parts must be solid, with one uniform color per face. Each color must be clearly distinct from the other colors.

The competitor did 4 attempts with this cube, and then did the last attempt with a legal cube. When the WCA Delegate asked if the competitor wanted to replace the 4 solves with extras (using Regulation 3k2a), the competitor declined.

As the round had a cutoff, the competitor did not make the cutoff after his first two solves (as stated by 11e2), so the WRC has decided to record the results as DNS DNS.

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