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Incident: A competitor was allowed to compete early in the 3×3×3 final and with different scrambles

Status: Resolved

1h++ scrambles staff


Incident description and resolution:

A competitor who had made it to the 3×3×3 final asked that he do his average early, as the competitor had to leave for a flight. The WCA Delegates decided to accomodate his request as the competition wasn't running on time and the final was going to start well after it was scheduled to. While the second group of Megaminx was ongoing, the competitor did his average using the spare scrambles from 3×3×3 One Handed finals which had not been used.

Other competitors missed the final as they had to leave too, however the WCA Delegates weren't made aware of this until finals were underway and the competitors had already left. Due to absent competitors, the WCA Delegates asked anyone remaining in the top 20 to compete.

The Guideline 1h++) recommends to use the same scrambles for finals:

1h++) RECOMMENDATION All attempts in the final round of an event, as well as all 3x3x3 Fewest Moves attempts, should have the same scramble sequences for all competitors (i.e. only 1 group).

The WRC recommend to use the same scramble for finals (as cited before) and to warn all competitors that may need to leave the venue early if there is an opportunity to compete earlier. The WRC would also like to encourage competitors to reach out to the WCA Delegate in case they need to leave the venue early by justified causes.

As TNoodle generates 3×3×3 and 3×3×3 One Handed the same, the WRC decided to allow all these attempts.

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