[Cancelled] Hurry Up Hutt Valley 2021

Note: This competition has been cancelled. Please checkout the information section for more details.

3x3x3 Multi-Blind Psych Sheet

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# Name WCA ID Citizen of Average WR Single WR
James Macdiarmid 2015MACD03 New Zealand 39/45 58:50 23
Tom Nelson 2013NELS01 New Zealand 29/31 57:09 35
Cole Campbell 2018CAMP15 New Zealand 17/21 57:24 248
Lucas O'Connell 2016OCON02 New Zealand 15/17 57:37 249
Jack Maddigan 2020MADD02 New Zealand 11/13 53:13 461
Jack McDougall 2020MCDO01 New Zealand 4/4 24:40 1014
Aneurin Hunt 2010HUNT02 New Zealand 3/4 22:16 1932
Elijah King 2020KING02 New Zealand
Levente Swanepoel 2020SWAN03 New Zealand
Liam Wadek 2017WADE01 New Zealand
Numair Malik 2020MALI02 New Zealand
Taiki Ormsby 2021ORMS01 New Zealand
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