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The European Rubik's Cube Championship 2008 will take place on September 19/20/21, 2008 in Derio (Bilbao), Spain. Check out the Euro 2008 website for more information and registration.

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

The WCA forum is still working at
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WCA made an important announcement about blindfolded solving on the WCA forum.

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Yu Nakajima won the World Rubik`s Cube Championship 2007 with an average in the final of 12.46 seconds. Andrew Kang finished second (13.05) and Mitsuki Gunji finished third (13.05).
World records: Mátyás Kuti 5x5 1:45.07 (average), Ryan Patricio 3x3 one-handed 21.13 (average), Lukasz Cialon 2x2 3.91 (average), Erik Akkersdijk Megaminx 1:17.46 (single) 1:19.16 (average).
Asian records: Shotaro Makisumi 3x3 blindfolded 1:39.56, 2x2 2.82 (single), Mitsuki Gunji 3x3 one-handed 18.06 (single), Yumu Tabuchi 3x3 fewest moves 37, 4x4 blindfolded 12:58.10, Bernett Orlando 5x5 blindfolded 55:39, 3x3 multiple blindfolded 3 cubes in 27:04.
Australian records: Peter Still Magic 2.91 (single) 3.17 (average).
European records: Tomasz Zolnowski 5x5 1:42.51 (single).
North American records: Andrew Kang 3x3 13.05 (average), Bob Burton Clock 18.04 (average).
South American records: Pedro Santos Guimarães 3x3 13.00 (single) 16.67 (average), 4x4 1:22.02 (single), 3x3 blindfolded 2:08.97, 3x3 one-handed 26.47(single) 27.30 (average).
picture by Fumiki Koseki

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World Rubik`s Cube Championship 2007

City: Budapest, Hungary
Date: October 5/6/7, 2007
Venue: Novotel Budapest Congress


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Fellow cubers,

Today we finalised the WCA competition regulations 2007.

The document can be found on the WCA site:
WCA regulations 2007

The new regulations must be used for all WCA competitions starting today.

We want to thank all WCA members who gave feedback.

Kind regards,

Ron van Bruchem

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have a new WCA board member: Mr. Masayuki Akimoto from Japan.

Masayuki is the reigning world champion for 2x2x2, and 2003 world champion for 4x4x4 and 5x5x5.
He was responsible for three Asian competitions (Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka) and has plans for more in the future.
He has a very informative website and is always working hard to make our hobby more fun with his ideas and initiatives.

Currently the WCA board consists of 4 members:
Tyson Mao (co-founder), Americas
Ron van Bruchem (co-founder), Europe
Gilles Roux, Europe
Masayuki Akimoto, Asia

We are looking forward to 2006, with more competitions in more places and with more competitors.
One of our other goals for 2006 is to finalise the establishment of WCA. After that we are ready for elections for a new board.