Vaasa Open 2009

Date May 16, 2009
City Vaasa, Finland
Venue University of Applied Sciences (Vaasan Ammattikorkeakoulu)
Address Wolffintie 30, Vaasa
Website Vaasa Open 2009 website
WCA Delegate
Information Participation fee 2 euros. The competition is organised in co-operation with the Finnish Puzzle Party.
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Event Person Best   Average   Citizen of Result Details
Rubik's CubeDan Grönberg23.03 28.23 Finland33.43   29.72   27.84   23.03   27.13
2x2 CubeJuho Kuisma7.27 11.01 Finland13.33   12.41   11.53   9.09   7.27
3x3 blindfoldedJuho KuismaDNF   FinlandDNF   DNS
 Mikko KiviharjuDNF   FinlandDNF   DNF